Ros Bradley
I was born and raised in the UK and have lived in Australia for over 30 years. After working for 2 years in Papua New Guinea as a volunteer teacher, I later returned to live in Australia and now live in Sydney.

I have worked in PR and marketing for several charities including The Fred Hollows Foundation and spent 5 years on the board of The Asylum Seekers Centre of NSW.

My spiritual background is eclectic. Although I had a Jewish heritage, my upbringing was agnostic. However, after ‘seeing the light’, I was baptized and confirmed Anglican in my late twenties and later was received into the Catholic Church in Sydney 2002. Long story!

I have become committed to Christian Meditation and to inter-faith dialogue – the latter after being in London during the 2007 bombs. This was my ‘9/11’ moment and I felt compelled to act in a positive way. It resulted in the publication of two interfaith prayer compilations: Mosaic and A World of Prayer. I also became a founding member of a Sydney interfaith initiative called Companions in Dialogue, an informal group of people from different faiths who met regularly for respectful dialogue. Both rewarding and inspiring.

This led me to Eremos, a forum for exploring spirituality in Australia. I am currently a Council member – a fulfilling role mainly due to the inclusivity and diversity of the other group members. One of my key interests in this group has been exploring Aboriginal and desert spirituality. A 2014 highlight was being part of the Eremos in the Desert (EiD) team, travelling to a remote corner of NSW becoming more aware of our surroundings past and present (see news). This trip prompted an interest in true Aboriginal history.

In addition and, in recent times, the subject of death has garnered my interest. Triggered by my mother’s sudden death whilst on holiday here in 2001, I have compiled a book about death from many different perspectives. Titled A Matter of Life and Death, this anthology is due out in August/September 2016.

While I was compiling this book I also participated in a training course to become a ‘death midwife’ and a volunteer biographer at a local hospice. I am finding the latter extremely humbling as I share in people’s life stories during their final weeks.

You can read more about this and my other books in the Books section.