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EREMOS Magazine

Eremos Institute is an ecumenical association with its roots in Christianity, offering a forum and support for individuals and communities to explore, express and deepen their spirituality within an Australian context. I had an article published in issue 103 of the magazine about the joys and tribulations of compiling Mosaic. read the article | Eremos

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Women’s Voices in Different Traditions

Women speak personally of the tradition in which they live. An invitation to be part of a conversation and exploration. This is the first of series of seven, held Wednesday mornings 10am-12noon until 18 June at Aquinas Academy, Sydney. 07-05-08: Islamic Tradition: Zuleyha Keskin, Mahsheed Ansari, Makiz Ansari. 14-05-08: Hindu Tradition: Mala Mehta, Farida Irani. […]

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Official Launch of Mosaic

Adyar Bookshop, Sydney, 6pm-8pm. Andrew Buchanan, former ABC broadcaster and prominent communications and media consultant will launch Mosaic. Several other contributors will read their passages from Mosaic. Sorry, due to space limitations this is an invitation only event.

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