Feedback on A Matter of Life and Death

Here is some very encouraging feedback I’ve received about the book to date:

1. Dame Marie Bashir

“It is an inspirational collection of reflections from some outstanding individuals from Australia and world wide. I shall be sharing these fine contributions with others who will derive much strength from these voices of wisdom.”

2. DIALOGUE Published By Funeral Directors W.N.BULL. Issue 74, Summer 2016 A Matter of Life and Death Reviewed by Richard White , editor of Dialogue.

“This is one of the best books I have recommended for Dialogue. It is a practical book for a start; a book one can dip into to find wisdom and inspiration. It is also a profound treatment of the nature of death and death’s inherent connection with life.” Read more (pp. 20-21)


“I loved ‘A Matter of Life and Death’. So much wisdom and honesty is contained in the accounts of its contributors. It is an uplifting and life-affirming book to which I will return again and again, dealing with a subject that we can all benefit from exploring. The many verses contained in the book are beautiful and thought provoking. Each account is a few pages long, making the book ideal for picking up for contemplation whenever one feels the inclination.” Mirella

4. Judith, UK

“Your book is such an amazing gift. I don’t mean as a personal present but as a gift to society as it is unique and is so sensitively conceived and created. A copy should be in all hospitals, care homes and hospices.”

5. A satisfied reader, Australia.

“…I’m loving it. It’s just full of wisdom, and though for me not much is new, it’s the individuals’ expressions of grasping at embracing death which is so moving.

I have (as you well know) been blessed by never fearing death and always believed in life afterwards but this doesn’t mean that I cannot benefit from such a wonderful book – which ironically is opening me more to the life side of living than the death side. Weird, I know…”

6. Spiritual Care Australia newsletter by Matt Glover, Executive Director, Spiritual Care Australia.

“I was pleased when I picked up A Matter of Life and Death by Rosalind Bradley. Here was a collection of sixty short essays, written by a diverse range of people, designed to help bring death out of the ‘taboo’ and into our experience of life. Contributors are drawn from around the world and come from a variety of faith traditions and fields …

Each essay … is no more than three or four pages long, and combined they form a valuable resource for the practitioner both on a professional and personal level.”

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