Flying the Aboriginal flag permanently on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Aboriginal flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge
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I’ve joined a campaign, initiated by Cheree Toka, a proud Gamilaroi woman, to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently atop our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. To me it’s a sign of acknowledgement and respect for Australia’s Aboriginal cultures which have existed for over 60,000 years. I hope you’ll sign too?

We are asking for the Aboriginal flag to fly alongside the NSW flag and the Australian flag. The NSW Liberal Government introduced the policy in 2013 to fly this flag atop the Bridge during NAIDOC and Reconciliation Weeks. It is also there on 26 January and February 13, the anniversary of the National Apology. 18 days in total. Surely Reconciliation should take place every day not just a token few days? Interesting that the Australian, NSW and Aboriginal flags are flown 365 days of the year at the front of the NSW Parliament House as well as the NSW and Aboriginal flags hanging side by side inside the NSW Legislative Assembly Chamber above the government benches.

As a community, we need to obtain 10,000 actual signatures for the issue to be tabled and debated within the House of Representatives, NSW. This petition states “The undersigned petitioners therefore ask the Legislative Assembly and additional decision makers for a third flag to fly alongside the Australian and the NSW flags – one that acknowledges and celebrates our ancient and authentic indigenous culture; the red, black and yellow Aboriginal flag.”

All signees need to be either Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents. Template petition (2 pages) attachedPlease sign. Many thanks!

(Unfortunately, the 90,000 + online signatures through don’t count as the Government won’t accept digital or scanned signatures.)

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