Reflections from Volunteering at the 21st Sydney Biennale 2018

Location! Location! Location! The more I volunteered on Cockatoo Island for the 21st Sydney Biennale the more I appreciated its brilliant setting and industrial history; a perfect place to showcase a huge range of experimental artworks. I relished being immersed in and among these works; it was a treat! Engaging with visitors from many backgrounds was stimulating and rewarding […]

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Papua New Guinea Revisited – Halo Gen PNG!

Hearing pidgin again after 40 years was gutpela algeta [very good] or namba wan. It brought back long forgotten memories of Papua New Guineans’ warmth and resilience.   My pidgin was liklik tasol (a little only) but I soon recalled words such as apinun, [good afternoon], longlong [crazy] and kai kai [food].  After spending over […]

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Q and A on A Matter of Life and Death

I’m often asked why did I write this book, how did i choose the contributors and what are the key themes in the book? Listen to this short video and find out more. Contributors in the book reveal that beyond the heartache and the mystery, death can teach us invaluable lessons about how we live […]

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Feedback on A Matter of Life and Death

Here is some very encouraging feedback I’ve received about the book to date: 1. Dame Marie Bashir “It is an inspirational collection of reflections from some outstanding individuals from Australia and world wide. I shall be sharing these fine contributions with others who will derive much strength from these voices of wisdom.” 2. DIALOGUE Published […]

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