Flying the Aboriginal flag permanently on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I’ve joined a campaign, initiated by Cheree Toka, a proud Gamilaroi woman, to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently atop our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. To me it’s a sign of acknowledgement and respect for Australia’s Aboriginal cultures which have existed for over 60,000 years. I hope you’ll sign too? We are asking for the Aboriginal flag to fly […]

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Two Parallel Worlds

An immersion into Groote Eylandt and Beswick near Katherine, August 2018. Last week I saw some spectacular rock art on Groote Eylandt, the fourth biggest island in Australia known for its long term manganese mining. Based in the small community of Angurugu, we had a short but memorable drive to a cave set on top […]

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Reflections from Volunteering at the 21st Sydney Biennale 2018

Location! Location! Location! The more I volunteered on Cockatoo Island for the 21st Sydney Biennale the more I appreciated its brilliant setting and industrial history; a perfect place to showcase a huge range of experimental artworks. I relished being immersed in and among these works; it was a treat! Engaging with visitors from many backgrounds was stimulating and rewarding […]

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Papua New Guinea Revisited – Halo Gen PNG!

Hearing pidgin again after 40 years was gutpela algeta [very good] or namba wan. It brought back long forgotten memories of Papua New Guineans’ warmth and resilience.   My pidgin was liklik tasol (a little only) but I soon recalled words such as apinun, [good afternoon], longlong [crazy] and kai kai [food].  After spending over […]

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