Ashgate HospicecareWhen I first began A Matter of Life and Death I decided to donate all royalties to Ashgate Hospicecare in Derbyshire UK.

This was where a very close friend Deborah Loeb died in early 2008. Although I was present at Deborah’s initial cancer diagnosis in late 2007, I was sadly not able to see her again or attend her funeral.

However, I did feel with Deborah in the closing stages of her life and knew that Ashgate staff looked after her with great compassion and grace during her final weeks.  I thought it would be fitting to honour Deborah by supporting this deserving organisation.

Deborah’s husband Tim and I visited Ashgate in 2014 and I was impressed with its day hospice as well as its palliative care unit. Deborah was a wonderful woman much loved by her family and her many friends.

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