Women’s Voices in Different Traditions

Women speak personally of the tradition in which they live. An invitation to be part of a conversation and exploration. This is the first of series of seven, held Wednesday mornings 10am-12noon until 18 June at Aquinas Academy, Sydney.

  • 07-05-08: Islamic Tradition: Zuleyha Keskin, Mahsheed Ansari, Makiz Ansari.
  • 14-05-08: Hindu Tradition: Mala Mehta, Farida Irani.
  • 21-05-08: Jewish Tradition: Avril Alba.
  • 28-05-08: Australian Aboriginal Tradition: Elsie Heiss.
  • 18-06-08: Christian Tradition: Virginia Bourke.
  • 04-06-08: Sikh Tradition: Jessie Kaur Singh.
  • 11-06-08: Buddhist Tradition: Gillian Coote.

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