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Deep Time, Dark Time and Night Time - meanderings about our inland NSW trip, July 2020

On a recent visit to central and north NSW it felt like traveling back through layers of time. We saw amazing ancient landforms, lands belonging to the Wiradjui and Gomeroi people, filled with dramatic volcanic scenery in the Warrumbungles and indigenous culture which until recently had been forgotten.

In addition, we visited the dark site of the Myall Creek Massacre and saw sweeping night skies including the magnificent Milky Way. Given these precarious Covid times, it was a privilege to savour the geological delights of these backroads and visit many Indigenous cultural sites.

The local Gomeroi term Warrumbungles, means ‘crooked mountains’ a perfect term to describe these unusual eroded landforms of domes, plugs and dykes. The origin of the Warrumbungles is all about hotspots and moving land masses! These fascinating landforms are the remnants of a large heavily eroded shield volcano which was active from 13 to 17 million years... read more